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Horse Boarding in Waterford

We are opening a second boarding facility on a private farm located in Waterford, Virginia.  We offer field board with run in sheds.  Board includes grain once a day with round hay bales (under Hay Huts) added in the winter months.  Please note that this means the horses will only get fed grain once a day.  It does not mean that there will only be eyes on the horses once a day. 


There is a small ring onsite.  We have plans to enlarge the ring in the spring.  There is also a .75 mile trail system outside the fence line.  An additional trail system will be created this year. 

We have three fields available, all of which have automatic waterers.


  • The furthest from the onsite ring

  • Perfect for our retired friends

  • Has one run-in shed

  • 11 Acres

Field B:   MARES

  • Has a trail to the onsite ring

  • Has a trail to the .75 mile trail system

  • Has one run-in shed

  • 13 Acres

Field C:   GELDINGS 

  • Has a trail to the onsite ring

  • Has a trail to the .75 mile trail system

  • Has one run-in shed

  • 10 Acres 

All of our fields are
open to boarding
at this time.

We charge $400 a month for geldings, mares, ponies, mules, etc.  Sorry, no stallions.


But like everything in life, there are always added expenses.  While we do not charge for adding owner-supplied supplements to the grain, we do charge

  • for administering IM shots/injections ($5 each),

  • administering medicines, such as pills, that must be crushed and mixed with water and given via syringe ($2 a dose),

  • obtaining a fecal sample every quarter and delivering it to Broad Run Veterinary Service for processing ($5 each) plus Broad Run Veterinary Service's charge (~$35 each),

  • administering dewormers ($3 a dose) plus the cost of the dewormer unless you supply the dewormer, and

  • catching and holding the horse for the farrier (when it is Susmar Farm's farrier during the normal scheduled visit) ($10 for a trim; $15 for shoeing).

You are welcome to administer shots/injections, administer daily medicines, obtain fecal samples, administer dewormers, and hold your horse for the farrier on your own, so as to avoid these charges.  We don't mind.


We also believe in allowing horses to be horses.  In the cold weather, we check horses at dinnertime.  If they look cold or not as warm as we would like, we will blanket the horse.  Once we feel it has warmed up enough, we will unblanket the horse.  However, if you feel your horse needs a blanket, please put one on him/her.  However, if you blanket your horse, it is up to you to unblanket your horse.  Our logic is, if we didn't think the horse needed a blanket, then we would not be able to determine when the horse no longer needed one. 

Now let's talk about vaccinations.  I know everyone has different ideas about vaccinations.  However, we want to make sure your horse does not get another horse sick, so we require these vaccinations:

  • Eastern-Western Encephalomyelitis and Tetanus (EWT) - yearly

  • Rabies - yearly

  • Rhino/Flu - semi annually

  • Potomac Horse Fever - semi annually

  • West Nile - semi annually

  • Botulism - this is strongly suggested, but not required, as we feed round bales

  • Strangles - this is suggested, but not required

Please note that if your horse does get another horse sick, because you did not vaccinate your horse, it will be your responsibility to pay for that other horse.

Of course, we require a negative Coggins test yearly.

We are a low-stress boarding facility and do this for the horses.


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Welcome to Susmar Farm

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