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Rules of Mariner's Landing Rental Management

  • Grilling is not allowed at the pavilion or beach. There is a grill available for use at Mariners Village. We do not provide charcoal and lighter fluid.

  • Gasoline and other flammables may not be kept in units, on decks, or in storage areas.

  • No outdoor parties or social gatherings are permitted on any of the common areas without prior permission of Rental Management.  Excessively loud or boisterous gatherings are always prohibited.  All loud noise must cease by 11:00 p.m.

  • No signs of any type are to be posted or displayed on the property unless approved by management.

  • Hanging towels and clothing over deck railings is not permitted.

  • Pets must be approved in advance by Rental Management.  All dogs must be secured by a leash or lead under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person’s command at all times.

  • Fishing, swimming and other non-boating activities are allowed in designated areas only.

  • Cleaning fish is allowed in designated areas only (and absolutely not in suites.)

  • No guest may use more than the two parking spaces designated for his/her unit.  Parking is prohibited on grassy areas or in handicapped spaces without a permit.  Only normal-sized passenger vehicles are allowed to be parked at the units.

  • Large vehicles (campers, recreational vehicles, etc.), boats, personal watercraft, and trailers must be registered with Rental Management and parked in a designated area.  Please launch your boat, park trailers and large vehicles in the assigned area, and then proceed to your room.

  • Go-carts, mini-bikes, mopeds, all terrain vehicles, and similar vehicles are not permitted.

  • Boats and personal watercraft may be moored during the day at designated floating docks.

  • Patio furniture and picnic tables must remain on decks or patios.  However, tables may be temporarily placed in the yard or common area for special events, if approved in advance by Rental Management.

  • All recreational items and toys must be removed from the yard or common areas when not in use.

  • Do not flush disposable diapers, sanitary items, excessive paper, etc in the toilets.

Welcome to Susmar Farm

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